Sometimes when things are going fine, its hard to rationalize that you need change.  It’s easier to conform to a ho-hum situation than it is to make ripples or worse yet, waves.  I choose waves.  I choose to not settle and to go against the grain.  Or against what people expect of me. I always wondered why people “expect” something from you especially when it is a low standard.  Maybe it’s because of their own fears or insecurities and that somehow they feel better in their situation when you aren’t growing either.

Courage is what it takes to walk up from underneath all of it and be willing to swim or to sink. When I look at myself from the outside to the inside, I can visualize my full capabilities and appreciate my differences.  I know who I am.  I just need to act.

Purple Serendipity

Purple serendipity is a term I thought of that made me think of tranquility.  I envision a purple sky with a tropical backdrop.  Palm trees, crystal clear water and a crocheted hammock with me in it,rocking in the sea-breeze.

I thought of this as I entered my last semester of college and ironically Prince passed away.  I am a huge Prince fan, and unfortunately I put music, etc. on hold while I finished earning my degree.  After he died I realized that  I missed several albums, etc. from the prolific, purple Yoda and I began playing catch up.

When I envision purple serendipity in my mind, I feel like I can do anything, get through anything, I see gold at the end of the rainbow.  It propels me and encourages me to endure.

First blog post

I decided to start a blog… to… Hmm?

I guess I am one of those people who have a lot to say, but not really anything to say.  I am just a normal person.  I love to laugh, experience new things, learn.

I thought this time was appropriate for starting a new blog.  I just graduated from college and I feel like my life is really beginning now… again. I am an adult graduate.  I have a family.  I put everything in my life on hold for a time to earn my degree.  I abandoned many of the things I love, like writing and reading, listening to music, creating.  I hope this blog can help me find myself again, if not redefine myself.